Summer Meetup 2016 Hyderabad 27 Jun 2016

Alumni meet 2-1 08 Sep 2015

Hostel-1 03 Sep 2015

Hostel-2 03 Sep 2015

Alumni meet 1 - 1 28 Aug 2015

Alumni Meet 1-2 28 Aug 2015

Alumni meet 1 - 3 28 Aug 2015

ODF Hostel 05 Sep 2015

PC: Abram Benny Kakozha

ODF Hostel - 2 05 Sep 2015

PC: Abram Benny Kakozha


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Project Completed

BAJA - Car designing and building competition 2017

Posted on 23 November 2016

Every year since the summer of 2013, a team of students from IIT Hyderabad compete under the banner of "IITH M...





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Cfd Engineer | General Motors India

Location: Bangalore



Software Engineer Dev | Netapp India Pvt. Ltd

Location: Bangalore

Salary: ₹ 1300k - 2000k per year


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