Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is this website all about?
    It is the official website of IIT-H Alumni. It is one of the several initiatives of IIT-Hyderabad Alumni Association. IIT-HAA aims to bright the entire fraternity together through this website.
  • 2. How can I register/login?
    We encourage you to login through facebook and linkedin. The system auto verifies instantly if you are an alumnus and gives you necessary access. If the system cannot verify you automatically, the data admins will manually verify your credentials and give you access. If you don't have an account with Facebook or LinkedIn, then use your email address to register.
  • 3. How secure is my data?
    The complete database is secured using industry standard security protocols. No user can access the data without appropriate permissions. Information like education, employment etc is public but personal information like your email ID and mobile number is private by default and nobody can see that information with out your explicit permission.
  • 4. My profile is incorrect. What do I do?
    Profile information is retrieved from various sources and there is always a possibility that your information is not 100% accurate. The easiest thing to do is to ‘Improve your profile’. It takes less than a minute to update your information.
  • 5. Can I contact members on this website?
    Based on your role with the college you will have permissions to contact various alumni. You can also control what communication you receive so that you don’t have to see a lot of irrelevant emails.